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Business Incubator

Business Incubator

Flexible Premises

You need Flexible Premises to:

  • Develop your business in Egypt with the best possible conditions
  • Enjoy a stunning and secured working environment, with a terrace overlooking the Nile
  • Gather all the services in only one monthly invoice

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Co-working spaces or dedicated offices
  • Full access that allows you to enter our facilities 24/7 and work with full privacy, solo or with your team (You have your own key for secure access)
  • Access to training and meeting rooms and a fully equipped break area
  • The purchase of IT equipment and maintenance (laptops, mobile phones, computers, printers, etc.)

Our success story in Flexible Premises

Neoen is the French leading and one of the world’s leading independent producers of renewable energy. In 2012, Neoen wanted to answer an important tender for the biggest solar farm in Benban (Egypt) without having to create a dedicated legal structure in Egypt.

Neoen contracted NAOS Marketing to settle an office with 3 people insourced (inside NAOS Marketing payroll). The team did not have to worry about any administrative or office management matter as NAOS Marketing emitted a monthly invoice gathering personnel, office, expenses, and providers.

The team could dedicate themselves to their core business.

Business Incubator

Administrative support services

You need Administrative support to:

  • Land your business in Egypt
  • Test the Egyptian market

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Legal support services:
    • Selection of recommended Lawyers
    • Intermediate with a Legal Advisor (Residency visa, work permit…)
  • Administrative support services:
    • Secretary
    • Accounting
    • Translation
    • HR Management service (link to the corresponding bloc)