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HR Management



You need to outsource Recruitment to:

  • Reduce the time and costs to recruit the right candidate
  • Ensure a speedy replacement in case of high turnover

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Sourcing candidate with the right skills & competencies
  • Conducting interviews as well making the necessary checks in terms of backgrounds & references
  • Screening potential candidates at all levels, e.g., IQ, Languages, soft skills, computer literacy. Possibility to formally test candidates in IQ, language, soft skills, etc.
  • Facilitating the presentation and validation of the selected candidates
HR Management


You need to Insource staff to:

  • Get the flexibility you need to adapt your workforce to seasonal demands
  • Insource part of your staff. NAOS Marketing hires employees to work in YOUR premises. You keep control of processes, IT, infrastructure, etc.

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • The selection, recruitment, and training of employees on your behalf
  • The management of the contractual relationship with the employees (contracts, payroll, taxes, socials, bonuses).
HR Management

Payroll management

You need to outsource the Payroll management of your staff to:

  • Ensure compliance with Egyptian Law
  • Focus on your core business

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • The calculation and elaboration of your staff payslips
  • The possibility to include a local or international medical insurance for your employee and his/her family
HR Management


You need to train your staff to:

  • Improve their skills and gain efficiency
  • Increase your staff motivation and satisfaction

NAOS Academy can help you with bespoke training on:

  • Management & Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Contact center skills
  • Personal development