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Marketing services

Market Research

You need to do a Market Research to:

  • Understand your customers and/or your targets
  • Evaluate and learn from your competitors
  • Assess business opportunities

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Desk research on international markets
  • Qualitative research, face-to-face interviews and group discussions interviews, benchmarking, etc.
  • Quantitative research, surveys and customer questionnaires

The research can be conducted over the phone, on the web, on social media or face-to-face.

Marketing services


You need Consultancy to:

  • Gear up your business toward success
  • Define your marketing and/or sales strategy

NAOS Marketing can help you:

  • Auditing your current situation
  • Defining a complete strategy and its execution planning
  • Assisting and coaching your teams to successfully implement the strategy

Our success stories in Consultancy

The Launch of a Large International Insurance Company in Egypt

AXA, number 1 in global insurance, entered the Egyptian market in Q4 2015. For more than a year, our team acted as AXA Egypt’s outsourced marketing department, developing and implementing the company’s go-to-market strategy and plans alongside the introduction and launch of the AXA brand into the Egyptian market. Further assignments followed to-date in the field of customer experience and digitalization, retail and organization development. We are proud to see our long-standing partner AXA Egypt as one of the acclaimed leaders in the market today.

Customer Experience in Petrol Stations

As part of the re-branding and roll-out of Total petrol stations in Egypt, we partnered with Total Egypt to gather in-depth customer insights and devise ways to optimize the end-to-end customer experience in petrol stations. The outcome has been both insightful and refreshing, to the extent that Total Group asked us to repeat the same mission in several markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa – each time with a strong impact on the “new reality” being implemented on the ground.

Marketing services

Brand Building

You need Brand Building to:

  • Define your brand’s DNA and Look & Feel.
  • Bring it to life within the market

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Brand essence (USP) and brand architecture
  • Corporate Identity manual
  • Brand guidelines
  • Logo design
  • Tone of voice

Our success story in Brand Building

From Pharma to Cosmetics

We partnered with a strong family-owned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Egypt to help them launch a varied range of cosmetic products under a new brand. Our journey started with market research, followed by the definition of the brand’s DNA, Unique Selling Proposition and architecture, the development of a simple Corporate Identity Manual and practical brand application guidelines, and ended with amazing packaging designs and in-store communications materials which will hit the shelves soon.

Marketing services

Advertising & Digital

You need Advertising & Digital to:

  • Make your Brand Story visible to the world and understood by your target audience.
  • Communicate about your company or a specific product or service

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Content strategy and creation on any kind of media:
    • creative copywriting in multiple languages
    • graphic design
    • 2D and 3D animations
    • video production
  • Integrated advertising and communications to:
    • Conventional mass-media audiences (through TV, radio, print, Internet)
    • Targeted audiences via Digital and social media
  • Websites and mobile apps development
  • SEO – SEM campaigns

Our success story in Advertising and Digital

Psoriasis Awareness Regional Campaign

We were very proud to work with a leading international pharmaceutical company in their efforts to raise awareness about Psoriasis and its effect on one’s everyday life. Our role in the team was to develop and execute a 360 communications campaign to be rolled out across several markets in the Middle East. Our creative team got a blast at this mission, working on all available media from TV and billboards to purpose-built digital and social media platforms enabling an instantaneous and continuous dialogue with the community. Serving a good cause and at the same time contributing to our partner’s brand equity is what made this assignment so special to our hearts.

Marketing services

Commercial Development

You need Commercial Development to:

  • Make your business grow
  • Convert Prospects into Clients

NAOS Marketing can help you with:

  • Telemarketing and telesales
  • Lead generation (phone, digital and/or social media campaigns)
  • Traffic generation for events and shops, taking B2B or B2C appointments

Our success story in Commercial Development

Altays, a French start-up in HR softwares

We helped the company in finding new clients for its innovative software solutions. We have been trusted to validate a B2B database involving HR directors of the major companies in France, to detect and identify their need, and finally invite them over-the-phone to assist in a webinar presentation of our client. Thanks to this long term relationship (the campaign lasted 3 years), Altays has been able to sign a substantial amount of contracts with clients initially detected by our sales team.

Marketing services

Contact Center

You need a Contact Center to:

  • Interact with your customers
  • Build an outstanding Customer Experience

NAOS Marketing can help you, 24×7, with:

  • Multilingual Customer Care and/or Technical Service:
    • Voice (inbound, outbound)
    • Digital (e-mails, instant messaging, live chat, social media)
  • Social media listening & moderation
  • Data gathering campaigns

Our success story in Contact Center

Data Qualification in the Banking sector in Egypt

NAOS Marketing had assisted ADIB Bank in qualifying their 195,000 customers in Egypt to satisfy the KYC (Know Your Customers) regulations. Regarding the sensitivity of the data, a non-disclosure agreement was signed with the Bank, and also with each agent working in the mission to ensure the data protection.

The Bank sent SMS to their B2C customers informing them of a call to collect their data. Then, we called the customers, to validate 8 existing data fields and collect the 17 missing ones (12 mandatory elements and 13 optional ones).

When collected, we sent the database back to the Bank, cleaned, updated and qualified. Our client has then been able send a mailing to their customers containing a form, pre-filled with the information collected during the call, allowing a very high rate of return of signed forms to the Bank.

The mission has been successfully accomplished within 2 months, allowing the Bank to fulfill its legal obligations, and their Customers to be satisfied by the consistency of experience with ADIB.